LHR Farms has operated in rural White County, Georgia since 1996. The farm processes certain biodegradable wastes.

LHR Farms Performs a Vital Service


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The proper management and disposal of septic tank waste and commercial waste is vital to the health of our communities. 

Septic tank waste, also called septage, is periodically pumped from septic tanks across North Georgia. LHR Farms processes the waste by first killing all dangerous organisms with lime, then further treating this waste to reduce pollutants and nutrients before applying it to land and crops for final treatment and uptake of remaining nutrients.

Commercial waste – including grease trap contents from restaurants – is also treated on site to remove water. It is then further treated to reduce pollutants and nutrients before being applied to the land. All solids are removed and taken off site to a landfill for disposal.

We Are Safe and Healthy

We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment through properly treating and filtering biodegradable wastes. We monitor and test our process diligently.

This process, called land application, allows trees and soils to form a “living filter” that purifies the wastewater before it passes naturally into the water supply and is a common and accepted method of wastewater treatment around the U.S.

Permitting and Monitoring

Due to the fact that we operate on the leading edge of a critical, changing industry, we are governed by a variety of permits and consent orders that remain in place until permitting regulations are established to govern our operation.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has approved permitting changes in January 2008 that address permitting of facilities like LHR Farms. According to Georgia EPD – which is the agency best qualified to manage these facilities – these changes are needed to help create an application and permitting process to better manage our operation, as well as others.