About LHR Farms

How does LHR Farm process and dispose of septic tank waste?

Septic tank waste, also called septage, is periodically pumped from septic tanks across North Georgia. LHR Farms processes the waste by first killing all dangerous organisms with lime, then further treating this waste to reduce pollutants and nutrients before applying it to land and crops for final treatment and uptake of remaining nutrients. Commercial waste – including grease trap contents from restaurants – is also treated on site to remove water. It is then further treated to reduce pollutants and nutrients before being applied to the land. All solids are removed and taken off site to a landfill for disposal. The process LHR Farms uses to treat wastewater is very similar to that used by Helen, Flowery Branch and other municipalities across the state. One difference is that the water at LHR Farms is actually treated to a higher level with the use of hydrogen peroxide.

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