About LHR Farms

Is LHR Farms performing a vital service for North Georgia?

The proper management and disposal of septic tank waste and commercial waste – which includes grease trap waste – is vital to the health of our communities. This waste has to go somewhere, and most local sewer systems cannot handle it. LHR Farms and other similar operations around the state arose to meet this growing demand and to provide a safe alternative to the practice of “midnight dumping,” which can cause irreparable harm to watersheds and well contamination, and to remove restaurant grease from sewers, which can cause millions of dollars of damaging back-ups, sewer line clogs and spills from clogged lift stations. This is especially relevant in a time of drought. If LHR Farms did not exist, sewer and grease pumping companies would have to take waste to another facility farther away, raising costs in the local community.

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